Welcome back …

The CCB Library re-opens,
and we start our English Conversations Classes for 2018/ ’19,
on the 17th September
Classes are filling up fast but there are still a few places left if you’re quick!
See here to see our 2018/’19 class schedule and available places,
contact us here if you would like to know more about our other activities
Welcome to the CCB

Parlez vous anglais?

Practice & improve your English with our native English speaking teachers
Join us now for our friendly and informal
English Conversation Classes
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Wednesday September 12th
from 14.00h to 18.00h
at the CCB Library
See here for our class schedule or contact us here for further information.
Welcome to the CCB

Summer Fun for Children :-)

… in English …
The CCB Summer School
Games, reading, videos, crafts 
… and plenty of singing 🙂
‘Summer Fun in English’ 
for your 5 to 7yr old child
6th to 10 August
10.00h to 12.00h every day
See here for further details, or
email Katy on katy@katysharpe.co.uk

… Join Us …

Welcome to the CCB Open Day
20th June,  14.00h – 18.00h
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Join the conversation

Practice and improve your English with native English speaking teachers
Join us for a friendly and informal CCB Conversation Class
See here for available places … and a Free trial class!

Join Us for …

An Evening of Short Readings of  England’s most popular Literature

15 March. 20h30 to 21h30.
LA MAVA Theatre, Fives


You are Invited …

We open our 12th (!) English Conversation Class this month
Contact us here, and join us  on
Wednesday’s at 17.00hrs

Happy New (CCB) Year

We’re celebrating 2018 with a new adult Conversation Class on Wednesday’s (see here) plus

a children’s ‘Story Time’ hour in February. Contact us here to receive the latest information

Merry Christmas

and a
Happy New Year
from the CCB

It’s cold out there …

So, time to borrow a book (or DVD)

Enjoy a novel, a good crime thriller, a romance, some English humour – or a Film or TV series DVD – from the CCB before the Christmas rush

Join the CCB Library – and keep warm!